O&M Services

Our expertise in O&M services allows us to deliver tailored gas metering solutions.

O&M Services

Meter Data and Physical O&M Services for CGD

  • Real-time data collection from gas meters.
  • Remote meter reading and monitoring.
  • Data validation and quality assurance.

Cloud Hosted MDM Management as a service

Boosting Metering Efficiency in the Cloud.

This system allows for instant gathering, storage, and examination of metering information, offering valuable insights for both utilities and consumers. The service simplifies tasks, strengthens data security, and supports improved decision-making in overseeing energy usage and distribution. Thanks to the adaptable and scalable nature of cloud technology, it guarantees smooth integration and top-notch performance, transforming the management and use of metering data.

Consumer Billing and Revenue Management

Fueling Smart Cities with Seamless Billing and Revenue Solutions.

Cloud Hosted Meter Data Management as a Service offers an advanced and efficient solution for managing metering data in a cloud-based environment. It enables real-time data collection, storage, and analysis of metering data, providing valuable insights for utilities and consumers. This service streamlines operations, enhances data security, and facilitates better decision-making in managing energy consumption and distribution. With the flexibility and scalability of cloud technology, it ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, revolutionizing the way metering data is managed and utilized.